Italian brands are known for their high-quality products, as well as a more refined sense of both taste and style, depending on the company itself. But what about those that have gone into foreign hands? What are we to think of their products now? Here are a couple of companies that have retained their status even after all the paperwork has been finalized!

De Tomaso Automobili SpA

De Tomaso Automobili SpA is a famous Italian brand that designs and manufactures luxury automobiles. This is one of the reasons why everyone feared for its reputation once it had been sold to Car Luxury Investment, a foreign company that is a part of a conglomerate that goes by the name Hotork. But they still make luxury cars, so nothing bad has really happened to the brand.

Fiorucci Foods

If you ever get the chance to eat Italian pork, you should definitely choose Fiorucci pork. Fiorucci Foods is one of the best Italian brands when it comes to prosciutto, mortadella and other meat products. It was recently bought by a Chinese company, but the transition was seamless.

Miss Sixty

You have probably heard about Miss Sixty, especially if you are into fashion. This high-quality Italian brand of clothes for women is beloved by people from all over the world. Luckily, it remains so even after it was bought by Trendy International Group in 2012.


When it comes to tyres for race cars, there is nothing better than Pirelli products. This company is 143 years old and has been manufacturing products of the highest quality ever since it was established. This continues to be true even after it was sold to ChemChina, which is a very successful international company with headquarters in China. The company has been much talked during last weeks due to the Pirelli IPO, which has been known to be “the IPO” of 2017 and put the company to be valued at $7.7 billion.


If you want true Italian luxury, go for Cerutti. The company is best known for men’s suits and perfumes, namely the 1881 perfume. In 2010, it was bought by Li & Fung Group’s Trinity. The price was a whopping $70 million, and the brand is as respected as it was while it was still owned by Italians.